5 Grounding Tips For Soothing Anxiety

5 Grounding Tips for Soothing Anxiety.   It is normal to feel anxious sometimes, this is a natural response to a situation in which we feel threatened or afraid. In society today, we are usually not facing life-threatening situations, though our bodies react in the same way. We could feel anxious in a social situation, […]

How Counselling Helps

Counselling is a form of talking therapy offered by a trained professional and provided in a safe and confidential setting. What you say to your counsellor is private; though there are some exceptions to this which your counsellor will explain. A counsellor or psychotherapist will listen and support you in exploring your thoughts, feelings, and […]

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Do check out my Blog page, "What Is Counselling?" if you want to understand more about how seeing a counsellor might help.

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