Review of Buddhist Meditation: ‘Declutter Your Mind’

Gen Kelsang Nyingpo is a Buddhist nun and she presented a meditation event comprising of  2 x 60 minute sessions sharing with humour and a down to earth approach Buddhist teachings and several breathing meditations to settle the mind.

The mind throws up obstacles otherwise known as ‘delusions’ and rather than chasing what we perceive to be a result or solution what we need to do, according to Buddhist thought, is pause or stop the negativity; reign in our thoughts, much like a retractable dog lead.

Gen Kelsang extolled the virtues of compassion, patience and kindness and suggested the benefit of making the mind more familiar with positive states of mind. She added that we have mental flexibility, and we can change our mental habits.

Gen Kelsang identified 5 forces or powers that can be applied to any meditation:

  • MOTIVATION – We need to motivate or encourage ourselves to experience the benefits.
  • FAMILIARITY - New practices may feel weird or awkward to begin with but will feel easier over time.
  • WHITE SEEDS – this refers to merit and wish fulfilment. Positive mental energy assists meditation practice
  • FORCE OF DESTRUCTION – removing the obstacles such as seeing fault.
  • ASPIRATIONAL PRAYER – our future self, where we want to go. Our wishes create a pathway or a goal.

The mind, says Gen Kelsang, is like a fertile ground in which we can sow seeds of positivity which over time can bring harmony.

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